YouTube Converter

If you are still thinking where, how, and what software to use for converting and save your clips, well, the great news is that in the 2020 there are amazing options that can save us time and efforts while giving us the possibility to fulfill our daily demands and funny moments. As the YouTube services continue to grow, so users who want to enjoy the conversion of YouTube videos in other formats keeps growing as well. But what are some of the best YouTube converters for the 2020?

4K Video Downloader, for certain, remains one of the most popular YouTube converters for the 2020. Apart the option for converting YouTube videos, the 4K Video Downloader allows also to convert videos from other sites as well. The list can include up to 24 videos and users can convert videos with the respective subtitles and annotations. However, the only con of this brilliant tool is that not all options come with the free version, that’s correct, there is a premium version that allows to enjoy additional features and options.

Freemake, another popular alternative. This YouTube converter is one of the most stylish at the moment. It allows to search any video, artist, or track, without leaving the main search page. Because of its technology, this amazing software permits to convert different video formats all at once into the Mp3 format. There are some cons though, where the most important having into account that the only format is that of Mp3, hence, there’s no other alternative apart for converting into other formats apart the Mp3.

DVDVideoSoft remains an amazing YouTube converter. The most important features of DVDVideoSoft is that it can rip any video while extracting and saving its audio into an MP3 file, the option for creating iTunes playlists, and also the option for saving the track into other formats apart the Mp3 one, here mentioning the FLAC, AAC, OGG, and WAC. Hence, differently from Freemake, DVDVideoSoft, is more complete, though, one of the cons of this converter, is that it doesn’t come complete with a free version. Hence, there is a premium version that can disclose a greater user experience.

These are some of the best names at the moment recognized as YouTube converters. However, while the list can be longer, these names offer some of the best options for the 2020.