Video Cutter

Have you ever thought what program is the best for video editing? For many years we have been struggling where and how to find the magic software that has the magic touch for our videos. But in 2020 this problem doesn’t exist any longer for out-there there are so many options available such the only problem remains the choice. Thus, what are the best video cutters for 2020?

Lightworks, for certain, remains at the first place. This not only because of its popularity but because of the features it offers. Among the most important we can mention here the GPU speed-up option, the option for importing the traditional tools for weaving audio and video, or trimming. The auto-save option is another significant feature of this amazing tool. Apart from the robust and all-inclusive options, there are some cons that limit somehow the user experience. Despite the software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac users, there are two versions of this video cutter, the free version and the premium one. Thus, for making a full use of Lightworks, the premium version can fulfill better the user’s requirements for a higher quality of editing.

Blender, an excellent alternative and video cutter. Though commonly used for its 3D effects or animation, yet, its powerful options allow users to edit any video for free. In addition to these options, Blender offers also many other features, such as the live preview, filters, transitions, or video masking.

iMovie, another great option. This video cutter comes with its free version for users of MacOS and iOS. Remains one of the most popular Apple’s video cutters. The iMovie is synchronized with the latest version of Mac. Thus, it means that it offers the latest innovations of technology. Some of the most important features of the iMovie is the option for importing and editing 4K videos. In addition, it allows you to preview any app created via this tool, and also creating movie trailers as a real pro. The iMovie remains for a certain one of the most completed and advanced video cutters for small home based projects.

These tools are the best video cutters for 2020. The list is longer, however, the above names include the best options for video editing while enjoying the most advanced offered technology which remains the indicator how this important market keeps changing.