Video Converter

What happens when your device cannot read all video formats? Nothing, you just get angry and while trying to figure out what codecs you need to install, a flash thought crosses your mind by telling you that is enough making a simple Google for finding out what are some of the best options at the moment for converting for free all video formats we need. But what are these options?

Any Video Converter (AVC), one of the best options for 2020. It supports any format, starting from the DivX and MOB to MPG4, and others up to 60 types. The AVC allows to users for converting and extracting any audio file simultaneously in a specific folder where users can have a quick access before downloading the files into their personal device. In addition to this, the AVC, has the option for downloading and converting any YouTube videos.

Prism Converter, another amazing video converter and video editor. It supports major part of codecs for it runs on DirectShow codec. The service is easy to use and there is no necessity to download or install anything on a personal device. However, the only cons is that the service runs with a premium package where you can enjoy all the options of this tool.

Handbrake, another popular video converter. The tool is available only to Windows and Mac users. Though with not an easy interface, Handbrake offers great options for converting and ripping videos, not only on a computer but also on mobile, either iPhone or Android.

DivX Video Converter remains one of the most used video converters up to date. The service is for users of Windows and Mac and it comes with two versions, the free and the premium one. A particular feature of this service is that you can add files either from your Google Drive or from Blue-ray Discs. The tool offers the options for editing, changing the resolution, or other slight adjustments that make the overall user experience just amazing.

There are endless alternatives that offer wonderful services and options for video converting and editing. However, the above names are some of the best and recommended for the 2020. Before making your choice, look at the market and select what options fit best to your requirements. One thing is certain, video converters continue to be in outrageous demand.