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It is a common daily task cutting and editing videos or Mp3 format audio files. However, one issue remains present, that of selecting the best Mp3 cutter that can fulfill the best of our demands. Hence, the question is, what are some of the best options users have for the 2020?

At the first place, we find the Apowersoft, a great Mp3 cutter and editor. Among the best features of this tool is that is easy to use. The interface is pretty clean, and the supported formats are MP3, MP4, OGG, FLAC, and WAV.

Audacity, for certain, one of the best options at the moment. This Mp3 cutter offers a robust platform as the related software that many users of different platforms, such as Windows, Mac or Linux can download on their computers and using it for free. Though in most of the cases it is used from professionals, the features it offers, such as to cut and edit MP3 files is open to all categories. An amazing feature of this tool is the option for adding third-party plugins for making it even more complete and professional.

Swifturn, another popular Mp3 cutter, yet not as the above names, however, with a free service which is easy to use. Among the most important features of Swifturn, is the option for offering advanced options to users who are more skilled in editing Mp3 audio files rather than simply cutting songs and transforming them into ringtones. Other features we can include here are the noise suppressing, the many effects for enhancing the overall quality of the track, the remote music control, or the supporting of many music formats.

Wavepad, another great Mp3 cutter and popular option. It is available only for Windows and Mac users, however, it is free to use and it benefits from a robust platform with many options for users who want to cut and record any audio track. One of the best features of Wavepad is that it is ideal either for professionals or users who want simply editing songs.

Mp3 cutters are in high demand and the market keeps growing every year because of this. No matter the endless apps and online services, the above names are some of the best options at the moment that can offer real services and for free to all users, despite their position.